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>> still coming up here on abc 7 news, a big selloff raises new questions about the health of the u.s. economy. >> and the g.o.p. offers an olive branch. the president hoping to >> the second honeymoon is over for president ob yaum yachl the fish credit rating agency warned of a down grade today. the worst one day loss in almost a year, so what do the next four years hold in store for the economy? >> by somest meats, 6s billion was spent on the presidential campaign. now will there be a shot in the arm for the economy?yp" >> the economy is just limping along. there are same leaders at the white house]y:eu, where s the change? >> the big selloff seemed to send a message. ash wagner owns a small business in campbell. >> i know several friends started selling stock this morning. >> what did that tell you?. >> that people are not excited about the future of our economy. >> wagner's company has 14 employees. he hopes to expand next year. he doesn't want to bring new later. means less money left tom"c build more jobs. >> the ceo of a software company is hoping the divide in congress can b
on republicans in congress. >> they want to be the party identified trying to take the u.s. economy off the rail. >> the president due to address the nation tomorrow from the east room of the white husband. >> thank you. >> the passage of proposition 36 signals a new view of crime and punishment. revising the three strikes law means thousands could be back out on the streets. we hear from three inmates waiting their freedom, now. here is abc 7 news morning akt anchor karen thomas. >> tuesday night was a chance to celebrate for supporters on prop 36. >> people go to polls they're voting to increase penalties. this one of the times u.s. history they said it's too harsh. >> no one paying more attention than this group of prisoners. the group has been leading many years. >> i've got 26 years to live for position of cocaine. >> my third strike is my first relapse after being clean and sober almost 10 years. >> third strike instigating a fight. and they gave me ta to life. >> so already serving 16 years behind bars, one of the 9,000 third strikers and one of the 3,000 who will be eligible for a rehear
/t this holiday but they want electronics. ahead on 7 on your side this >> the u.s. continue to climb it's way back, the u.s. is turning to south korea to help. abc 7 news david louie attended a match making event in santa clara today. technology is a key driver of the south korean economy. making up 40% of the trade w out the components, americans might not have smart phones or tv monitors. >> this is under celebrated fact that the technology purr vais homes of most americans.. >> the agreement is paving the way for more investmentvc'e÷ and partnerships between silicon valley and core rea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies, at a two-day conference. nancy developed in a -- california tech firms see koreas as a partner. joaquin sold his company for the energy industry. >> korea is a great launch pad. very innovative. a great track record, u.s. companies are teeming with large companies like lg, samsung to be the launching pad to be a spring board for the world. >> samsung is a electronics giant but has been engaged in a legal battle with apple over patents. the deputy min
apple is paying 1.9% of income tax on its earnings outside the u.s. they paid $713 million in taxes on foreign earnings of nearly $37 billion in the fiscal year that just ended on september 29th. compared to $12 billion in federal taxes here in the u.s. apple, like many other globe companies, offer leave significant profits overseas to not pay the tax rate. the praise legal. >>> getting on early start on veterans day weekend. >>> more good news forecast drivers. we'll tell you what's happening to gas prices. >> a big warmup on the way. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. the bucs in blackhole and an oakland >> ama: it's called the biggest veterans parade in northern california, and so what if it's a week early. marching bands, helicopters and veterans marched down the streets in pleasanton. last year reside parade featured 2700 matchers. plenty of people were on hand watch the festivities. veterans say they're impressed how much people respect the military. >> san francisco's municipal railway took riders back in time. the transit agency put sever
in the central valley town to plan for the future. the group believes an act of congress made the u.s. government a private form[km profit corporation. people -- members say after that, congress changed its oath as office. >> as a member of congress they changed to taking an oath of office to the corporation. at that immediate moment, is when they vacated congress. >> they elected senators and a president and waiting for the u.s. government to collapse. whit does, they say they will take charge. >> we're working for limited government. >> the group follows common law,8ni and believes paying tas is optional its a matter of us being sovereign to rule our selfs.. >> this is all aáteÑ gigantic joke. >> mark with the southern law center tracks their activities. the republic leadership states it's not part of the sovereign movement and did not promote violence. he says the beliefs fit the ideology. >> they have the same set of ideas. the government is not lenl jit mitt. it's engaged in a massive rippoff of the citizens. >> this is not a crime. >> it said fbi doesn't get involved unless there is evid
the same options as our airports to the north. latest strike happened just this month and involved a u.s. airways plane like this one. the.g, pilot declared an emergency after takeoff rs returning on one engine. >> i have her story. then, they do seem scared and that plane. >> the airport working with u.s. dent of agriculture to implement a hazard management program. it wants the city's okay and also get perm dwroigs use broom shots when needed. >> as a last measure, they will be permitted if this item passes to use guns on airports to take birds by lethal mean autos faa launched a crack down. and danville pilot landed his jet in the hudson river after a flock of geese destroyed both engines. the airport has large birds such as sea gulls and raptors as well as flocks of smaller birds that can cause problems. officials think they should have options. >> they know best case scenarios how to take least action to secure the most good. i've got to leave witness some. >> the city council is expected to approve the airport more aggressive approach to bird strikes. making sure passengers get in
. a weather related pile up leaves dozens of mangled cars around the highway. >> u.s. postal service about to join the internet age. a national experiment in the bay area next month. >> and a young man takes steps in a local hospital. >>> a thanksgiving tragedy in texas tonight. two people are dead the result of a massive weather related pile up on interstate 10 near texas gulf coast. the story tonight from beaumont. >> a mangled mass of metal, some twisted beyond recognition turning thanksgiving into a nightmare on wheels for thousands of travelers. from compact cars to tractor trailers, none escaped chain reaction that happened in dense fog southwest of beaumont. it's heavy rolled into this area this morning. and now, we're with three major accidents in a two-hour area. >> dozens rushed to hospitals by ambulance, some in critical condition. dozens of tow trucks flooded the scene. those avoiding mayhem had to spend all day stuck in vehicles with much to give thanks for. eastbound lanes of i 10 will be shut down at least eight hours. >> that is unbelievable. >> u.s. postal service picked s
then<4gÑ tossing the body back is illegal in the u.s.. there are no endangered shark species in the us us and we have strong protection measures but the law aims to reduce demand that shet tletens populations in other parts of the world. shark fin soup is a delicacy but beginning january 1 it bill prohibits the sale or possession of shark fins in california. the cna filed a lawsuit to block the bill saying the law sold to voters. >> what laws are is that you cannot hold the fin. you can hold other parts of the shark but cannot have the fin. >> today they say he is worried about the small import qlorz might go out of business now. supporters say they're trying to stop the cruel practice known as finning. the fin is removed and rest of the shark thrown in to die. he and cna say that that is the case this is not the best approach. feeling it's discrime in a tori. >> you can go to cost could or other stores have shark steak. you cannot have shark fin. it's an argument there is a sense of injustice and discrimination its ut ragis. and also, unacceptable that consuming shark fin can lead to
transactions from 500 u.s. retailers. smaller version of theck&1 new slimmed down imac commuters will go on sale for $1300. wilt not be available until next no. >> a follow up on a story last night. a mother coming to the dpeens of four police officer who's orderered her son to do push ups for an act of vandalism. the young man was one of five ordered to drop to do push ups after seen smashing a mailbox. officials protested and police chief ordered an investigation.%vmo saying officers overstepped authorities. the officers face suspension. but the mother says the officers taught her son a lesson, she does not think they should be suspended. >> and just ahead going to war over military roles in combat. >> it's bad forearmed forces for our service members and needs to be changed. >> new legal challenge. why some say changing this would be a mistake. >> comments on a deadly attack in libya. republicans say they're more troubled an ever. >> meet the scientist who answers e mails about the mayan calendar end of the world profesy. >>> more service women suing the defense department saying the
in the u.s. ronald jones served six years in the army and has been homeless for 1 years. soon he'll move into the commons. >> this is the best veterans day gift i could get. >> those who live in the commons will get medical care, counseling, camaraderie, and a permanent police to -- place to call home. >> this is the first veterans homeless housing to be built in san francisco since 2000. they'll hold an open house tomorrow. >> ama: still to come, back to the bargaining table at ray raleys as more workers hit at the picket line. >>> and a look back at the fire season. >> there's big money in the book market but maybe not the way you thought. we'll show you one man who struck it rich on one book. >> leigh: this morning, temperatures chaos some parts of the >> ama: contract talks resumed at the labor dispute involving raley employees. they have said cop sessions are necessary to keep the chain competitive with nonunion grocery stores. the company operates 130 raley's superstores in california and nevada. >>> better stock up on your twinkies, hostess bakers are on strike. picket lines are s
with barack president obama on an agreement. president barack obama is set to become the first u.s. president to visit myanmar. the thailand the president tried to assure critics his visit is not an endorsement of the government but acknowledgment of a process that few saw coming. myanmar, firmerly known as burma, is moving towards democracy. >> just ahead, a special honor at the white house for some bay area teens. plus, hot says -- sales for the latest video to hit the market. >> more rain is ahead for the holiday week. >> leigh: leg has the forecast. >> i'm mike shumann and feelingg the raiders' pain, the saints were in pound and -- >> ama: the biggest names in music are hitting the stage for the 40th annual american music awards and you can see the big event right here on abc-7. [shouting] >> ama: over here! no doubt the red carpet event was parade of big names. other classic artists are part of the show at the nokia theater. taylor swift, and justin bieber. catch the american music awards right here at 8:00. >> young adults from an oakland based nonprofit youth program are in washington,
. >>> same-sex marriage will be front and center this we're. u.s. supreme court justices will hold a closed door meeting to decide if now is the time to rule on same-sex marriage. on friday the court is expected to sift through appeals on the proposition 8 and defense of marriage act. the issue isn't what to decide but when to decide it. >> 'tis the season of giving. the one group who hopes you'll share the holiday spirit. >> the shocking crime that took hundreds of thousands of gifts away from some needy kids. >> get ready for another storm. meteorologist leigh glaser has a look at what you can expect. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. raiders quarterback carson palmer returned to cincinnati for the first time being traded and it got ugly. >> police in canada recovered hundreds of thousands of toys and box loads of food from the salvation army. the recovery was the successful three month investigation. police found enough stuff to stuff three tractor-trailers. >> officers located toys, personal products, as well. items donated to the salvation army, who are dedicated to the investigation, we're d
. >> the balance that will >>> u.s. supreme court may decide whether to put california ban on same-sex marriage on its calendar. according to the american foundation for equal rights justices will meet to discuss whether to settle the dispute over prop 8 and if they should take up the federal defense of marriage act. both say only men and women can legallylngdd get married. the decision would likely be announced the following monday fchl the answer is no it would mean same-sex marriages could resume in california immediately. >> if you voted by mail in the presidential election, are you sure your vote was counted? there are thousands of ballot that's were not counted and never will be. abc 7 explains why and reports on an effort to changeqáeuq tha. >> thousands of ballots throughout california are sitting in registrar offices now and will never be counted. some signatures on ballot envelopes don't match those on the voter registration card. other ballots from previous electrics but the most common reason they don't get counted is they're not in the county hands by 8:00 election night. an elect
. it was a conference of the u.s. green building counsel. they say the need for an extra generator that has been paid for, but not installed yet. >> yes.3%]h a group in san francisco fighting for right to be naked in public going to court tochl pose what it considers an attack on civil rights. nudists held a rally in san francisco and filed a class action lawsuit asking a judge for a temporary restraining order against the city. they say being naked in public is protected political speech. >> we're talk mog than just first amendment rights. people doing overboard. >> san francisco was pilt on barbary coast, built off sex and gambling. it does not have a purist origin. >> there will be another protest on saturday. next week, the full board will take a vote on the proposed ban its too chilly in the sierra to go without clothes. after a dismal ski season, weather seems to be cooperating. two resorts opened today. and north star, rather than truckee. the resorts are licking their chops. >> this is actually the earliest opening in north star history. that is four decades of operation, they're excited abou
of words it's having an impact there. >> david petraeus said the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya was a terrorist attack not a result of a film. petraeus testified rice was using talking points okayed by the terrorist community. democrats accuse republicans of unnecessarily assassinating rice's character. >> select ambassador rice because she used an unclassified talking point. i think it is a mistake. >> that is of course senator feinstein speaking. >> a consumer group lost a fight to make google face a stiffer penalty. as abc 7 news reporter this is a the 19th floor of the federal building l.a. based c73í to head with google, and lost. >> these guys are buying their way out of jam was what is pocket change. unacceptable. >> the group trying to convince a judge to raise a $22.5 billion fine as part of a settlement ftc says google side stepped a decision design zpined to prevent third parties from placing cookies on your computer that track you. google said it did so by accident and will not admit my wrong doing only saying they were glad the court agreed there is no merit to the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15